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About Corrupt the Youth

Corrupt the Youth is a philosophy outreach program inspired by Socrates, the Greek philosopher notorious for corrupting the Athenian youth. Socrates encouraged the young people of Athens to think critically, to ask questions, and to challenge authority. Corrupt the Youth continues this tradition. Corrupt the Youth believes that the study of philosophy stimulates intellectual curiosity, that it allows students to develop a sense of agency, and that it builds community by cultivating a capacity for perspective-taking.

Corrupt the Youth currently offers in-school programs through our Chapters. 

We invite donations here to continue funding free, residential summer camps in odd numbered years.




Corrupt the Youth Chapters offer a semester long course each Spring. Each chapter operates in partnership between a university philosophy department and a local, Title 1 high school. 

This partnership enables Corrupt the Youth to bring graduate students, professors, and talented undergraduates together with high school students from underserved backgrounds. You can find our current locations below. 

The goal of each chapter is to bring philosophy to populations that have traditionally lacked access to it – people from low-income and working-class backgrounds, people of color, and gender minorities – creating a pipeline for fresh perspectives from people and groups that have been historically excluded.

“Corrupt the Youth is a place to discuss ideas that have circulated our minds, often previously left unquestioned. Not only that, it’s a place to absorb new ideas, some of which we would’ve never heard had we remained in our own bubbles.”
“I’ve been struggling for a long time to find my voice. Being a girl and a minority it’s always been difficult but when I came to camp my opinions felt so valued and I was taught how to speak and fight for what I believe in and in a respectful way. “

philosophy summer camp

summer camp

In summer 2019, Corrupt the Youth offered our first completely freetwo-week sleep-away camp for talented high school students interested in philosophy. Students spent their days engaged in rigorous, interactive philosophical instruction and their evenings having fun together, exploring what college has to offer while extending their discussions from the day.

summer courses

Corrupt the Youth’s summer philosophy camp offered intensive courses aimed at developing critical thinking skills and applying philosophical thought to understanding contemporary social, political, and moral issues. Campers each enrolled in two three-hour courses, took a writing workshop, and participated in ACT and college-prep seminars.

future summers

Corrupt the Youth hopes to continue to offer free, residential camps to students from low-income backgrounds. To support our mission, donate here.