Corrupt the Youth’s new digital media initiative aims to bring the humanities to people in a way that is timely and accessible. Our goal is to democratize conversations happening within the discipline of philosophy and across the humanities by producing digital content that people can engage with outside of the traditional classroom setting. 

Police Brutality
and How We See It.

Our goal with this project is to develop materials that people can use as they encounter and make sense of difficult social issues – for example, police brutality – and that make use of a philosophical lens to dig deep into the core of the issue.

Corrupt the Concept
Card Game.

Corrupt the Concept is a fun game that destabilizes familiar concepts!  Corrupt the Concept invites players to rethink concepts (and their associated ideas) that we take for granted. Does history tell the truth? Is authority beyond question? Does safety look the same for everyone?  

The goal of the game is to help you see things in a new way, to challenge your existing way of thinking about the world, and to help you better understand the point-of-view of others who differ from you.

Free download here.